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Datamatics provides customized research solutions to provide you with actionable insights across a variety of needs and situations. We offer industry expertise, global coverage, process excellence and rapid scalability to support our clients’ strategic and tactical business objectives. We have created deep collaboration platforms with industry experts, global research partners, panel providers and language experts to ensure we provide you an appropriate depth and width of coverage. At Datamatics, we also specialize in providing you research and intelligence on emerging economies, the growth hot spots for many of our clients, besides helping market expansion in existing geographies and evaluating opportunities in adjacent markets.


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Hours of Research & Consulting Support

Given our significant experience of supporting different client segments over the years we are cognizant of the fact that information needs come in different forms. They may be planned or unplanned as well as have varying degrees of complexity and level of detail needed based on the client objectives. Acting as a true extension of our clients as partners we offer a multitude of engagement solutions to address the vast variety of needs. We take a solutions based approach to each situation to provide the best-fit solution keeping in mind timelines, project criticality and budget requirements.

Market Intelligence

Economy & Markets- Delivering value accretive market research and insights

Datamatics facilitates in-depth understanding of the business environment and provides insights for strategic and tactical decisions through continuous tracking and analysis of macroeconomic indicators, legislations & regulations. Our in-depth industry analysis and market assessments enable you to quickly grasp market trends and optimize your business strategy to address opportunities effectively.

  • Market Data, News and Trends.
  • Country and Sector Assessments.
  • Market Opportunity Assessment & Sizing.
  • Market Mapping.
  • Market Entry Strategy.

Competitive Landscape- Complete solutions suite to stay ahead of the competition

In-depth analysis of the competitive landscape of a business to keep decision makers abreast of ongoing developments in order to facilitate tactical and strategic decisions. Our team tracks your competitive landscape periodically, helping you understand competitive threats from substitutes, disruptions, benchmark best practices and evolving ecosystems. We support rapid yet well planned responses to external environmental and market forces, to help grow your market share and brand equity. Datamatics works closely across functions to address varying competitive analysis objectives and goals.

  • Competitive Insights.
  • Competitor Profiling.
  • Product, Service & Corporate Strategy Benchmarking.
  • Market Mapping.
  • Market Disruptions.

Prospects & Customers - Research that helps you to understand your customers better

With an experienced team of researchers and analysts exposed to sector realities, we ensure that your sales and marketing engines have the most relevant understanding of your prospects and customers. We help enhance understanding of new segments and geographies to identify the most appropriate targets and help build compelling value propositions to enable sales and BD teams to improve in-market efficiency and effectiveness.

  • End-Market segmentation, prioritization and ideal customer base “most likely to buy”.
  • Prospect intelligence to understand prospects, business drivers, decision makers, need gaps.
  • VOC analyses to understand customer needs to drove new product and service ideas.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Competitor Perception Analysis – we support benchmarking of competitor brand value perception with customers and prospects to help refine market wins.

Suppliers & Channel Partners - Value additive insights for effective procurement and distribution decisions

We support procurement professionals to enhance capacity and capability to track “tail end” non-core categories, identify new suppliers, support price discovery and a variety of other strategic sourcing initiatives. In addition on the outbound side we help in channel selection, partner benchmarking and help enhance distribution strategies.

  • Supplier and Partner Identification, Profiling and due diligence.
  • Periodic category reports to understand market trends, prices, demand-supply and macro indicators.
  • Low and Best Cost country sourcing strategy support encompassing a variety of quantitative and qualitative parameters.
  • Track and analyze current and potential channel partners based on market realities and strategy.
  • Compare and benchmark industry best practices related to optimal mix of distribution channels.

Innovation and Technology Intelligence

We actively support R&D and Innovation professionals in global enterprises with tailored technology intelligence solutions to complement our market insights. With rapidly converging and evolving technologies, market understanding needs to be complemented by deep understanding of the technology landscape. Our technology intelligence offerings span across identification and assessment of white spaces, analysis of emerging technologies across domains and assessment of the competitive landscape, including patent portfolio benchmarking. These act as a parallel “swim stream” to understanding the right spaces to target from a technology innovation and market opportunity perspective.

  • Identify attractive white spaces within technology/utility needs to channelize their R&D efforts to invest in attractive product segments / technologies.
  • Combine technology/patent white spaces, assess market potential based on customers and competition to help ensure greater ROI for Innovation and R&D investments.
  • In-depth analysis of the past, present and future trends in technology in the domains of interest to help identify emerging IP opportunities, risks and plan for potential market opportunities based on new technologies areas.
  • Identify, track and analyze competitors’ patenting activities and strategies to monitor competitor focus.
  • Benchmark existing competitor patent portfolios to help gauge current technical competitiveness and develop portfolio development strategies.

Deal Sourcing & Execution Support

At Datamatics our deal sourcing & execution support teams provide much needed research bandwidth to global M&A advisors and private equity funds.

M&A advisors and private equity funds typically face challenges due to the unpredictable nature of deal flow and lack of research bandwidth. Some key issues they face are while sourcing information during strict deadlines, involvement of the management and advisory time in training and low end tasks or the inability to keep costs flexible to match unexpected business cycles.

Our team of experienced researchers with specialized industry knowledge works as a virtual extension of your in-house team thereby providing you with the much needed flexibility to focus on legal, negotiation and deal execution.

We provide such firms with a transformational research talent co-sourcing model that helps them achieve considerable benefits in the areas of increased research efficiency, revenue growth and bring in financial effectiveness.

Private Equity Support

Pre-deal support

  • Identifying investment themes and analyzing profit pools.
  • Target identification, profiling and shortlisting.

Deal Evaluation

  • Validating market attractiveness, competitive advantage, supplier & customier base through focused primary validation.
  • Financial modeling triangulating different valuation approaches, case scenarios and growth prospects.

Portfolio Management

  • Driving growth through strategic guidance, bolt-on acquisitions, business development support and capital structure optimization.
  • Driving cost efficiencies through efficiencies of scale by combining non-core functions like sourcing, shared services etc.

Investment Banking Support

Datamatics investment banking solutions provide support during M&A transactions, generating deal flow and helping in advisory services to enable optimal capital structuring.

Transaction support

  • Preparing long lists of potential targets or acquirers.
  • Preparing transaction comparables and valuation models.
  • Writing pitch books and CIMs.


  • Evaluating strategies for growth, expansion and diversification.
  • Understanding the industry landscape, value chain and profit pools to enable capital deployment strategies.

Deal flow

  • Preparing custom databases of potential prospects.
  • Preparing / Writing thought leadership pieces and brand-building content.

Our Experience

Competitor Analysis of Powertrain Field Services in Europe

A leading European supplier of power management products and services wanted to understand the competitive landscape within the powertrain field services in Europe covering the focus sectors being catered to and analysing the pricing structure.


Identification of Key Chemistries of Coagulants & Flocculants for Water Treatment in the US

One of the major manufacturers of chemicals used in water intensive industries sought an in-depth assessment of the water treatment chemicals market in the US with a focus on Coagulants and Flocculants.

Market & Technology Assessment of IoT in Smart Washrooms

A leading paper product manufacturer based in Scandinavia wanted to understand the potential for offering IoT-based solutions in the smart washroom space along with an assessment of the emerging technologies in the space

Market Assessment of Mid & High Rise Residential Air Movement & Control Products in India

An US-based manufacturer of air movement and control products wanted to expand its presence in the mid and high rise residential buildings space in India.

Opportunity Assessment of Battery and Charging Systems in Global xEV Platforms

A global leader in science and technology was interested in a detailed assessment of the battery and charging systems being used in current and upcoming xEV platforms, with a focus on the their technological aspects, performance, materials used, etc.

Opportunity Assessment of Polymeric Alternatives to Copper Tubes

A leading manufacturer and distributor of clamps, rings for attaching hoses, pipes, connectors as well as related assembly tools wanted to assess the market opportunity for its clamps business in the North American HVAC market.